How Much Money Is My Sexual Harassment Case Worth?

Posted By Alan Burton Newman, PLC || 19-Feb-2016

I’ve been sexually harassed at work. How much money can I get?

The answer to that question depends on several primary factors.

The first factor is who sexually harassed you. If it was a president of a major company or a person of substantial prominence, your jury may award you more damages than if you were harassed by a co-worker on a similar or lower level of employment. The power dynamics involved will affect the claim.

Second, it depends upon how severe the sexual harassment was. Cases involving physical or sexual assault will likely result in a higher jury award or settlement than a case involving heavy flirting or verbal harassment.

Third, your award size will depend the financial pockets of the employer. You cannot get money from an employer who has little or no money, no matter how strong the case is. While this is a brutal truth, everyone who is considering pursuing damages against their employer has to consider the resources their employer can afford to pay. No claim can change that fact.

Fourth, it depends on how good of witness you are. This generally means that the jury likes you as a person. Similarly, it also depends on how well the jury likes the witnesses who represent the company. In many cases, the sexual harasser will never appear at the Court as the harasser has disappeared.

Fifth, it depends on the action that the employer took against the harasser. For example, was the sexual harasser fired? Or was he or she transferred?

Lastly, it depends upon how much the jury likes your attorney.

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