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Under California law, 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week is considered a full work day / week. Any hours exceeding those standards should be considered overtime for all non-exempt employees. This means they should be getting paid increased wages for those additional hours they worked.

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California’s Overtime Laws

Many individuals often wonder if they are even eligible to receive overtime pay. It is important to remember that any non-exempt employee is entitled to overtime wages. That means if you don’t exercise independent business judgement or manage people in your role, you are likely eligible to bring forward a case.

California’s laws on increased rates include:

  • Working in excess of 8 hours results in an increase by one and a half of the regular rate
  • Working for 6 consecutive days results in an increase by one and a half of the regular rate
  • Working in excess of 12 hours results in double the regular pay rate
  • After 6 consecutive days working 8+ hours, the rate of pay will double

These laws apply regardless of whether you receive salary, hourly wages, or commission. Overtime wages should start as soon as you exceed 8 hours, increasing anytime you surpass 12 as well. Remember, these laws also apply when you exceed 40 hours a week, even if you are not working more than 8 hours on any day.

You only have three years to claim overtime wages, so do not hesitate if you believe you have been denied the proper compensation for your work. Even if you are not legally in this country, you have the right to claim the overtime wages you are owed! Let our California employment lawyer stand up for your rights today.

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