Basis of Employment Rights

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For most, working is a necessary way to earn a living and support yourself and your family. We depend on our employment to provide us with the financial means necessary to our everyday life. As such, employers have a significant amount of power over us, which leaves us vulnerable to the decisions they make and the conditions they provide. Fortunately, there is state and federal legislation which grants certain rights to ensure that employees are not mistreated.

At Alan Burton Newman, PLC, we are dedicated to ensuring that your rights as an employee are upheld. Our Los Angeles employment law attorney wants you to understand these rights so that you can recognize when you are being treated unjustly and take necessary action. We want to help you face your employer and hold them to the standards of workplace management set by the government.

What are my rights as an employee?

In the United States, including California, the employee is considered an "at-will" employee. This means that you can be terminated at any time at the employer's discretion. However, there are laws that protect you from the treatment you receive while employed, and our team of Los Angeles employment lawyers want to help you understand what they mean for you.

Both the federal and California state government protects the employee against the following:

These rights, however, are limited to specific applications. California law gives far wider protection to employees than federal law. In addition state courts are more receptive to employee claims than federal courts. The Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA) is a California statute to protect against discrimination and harassment in employment.

California Family Rights Act (CFRA) which provides the right of employees to take a leave of absent up to 60 work days as a result of serious medical condition of themselves or their family without losing their job and without losing medical insurance. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) protects pregnant employees from discrimination and grants leave of absent up to 4 months. The Industrial Welfare Commission acting under various California Labor Codes regulates wage, hour and working condition in various occupations. The California Constitution protects people outside of the work place from sexual harassment and discrimination.

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