We Can Get 10 Times More Than Class Action Suits!

Choose an Attorney Who Can Get More For You

Lawyers love class action cases because they receive million dollar fees and can brag about multimillion dollars recovered. However, what they do not tell you is that class participants get very little compared to an individual claim.

For example, the average participates in class action suit may only receive a couple hundred dollars, while the average class representative may receive just six or seven hundred dollars. By contrast, in an individual case, an average recovery ranges from five to sixty thousand dollars.

Recently, Attorney Newman was able to obtain a $500,000 settlement for a wrongful termination case within a 90 day period. By contrast, the same suit brought in a class action would result in roughly $1000 or less for the class member.

Attorney Newman Takes on Complex Employment Law Cases

Our employment lawyer is not afraid to take on the challenging cases. For example, he won $1.25 million in a sexual harassment case where he had to overcome an erroneous felony conviction for bank robbery. These results are not typical; typical settlements in an individual wage and hour case are closer to $30,000 within 90 days. Still, these are substantially higher recoveries than most class action suits will net you, and you won’t pay a dime unless we recover.

No Advanced Costs, No Hidden Fees!

When you first meet with Harvard Attorney Alan Burton Newman and retain his services, you will not be asked to pay anything in advance. He takes his fees solely from the award he helps you recover, and the process up until that point will come at no cost to you whatsoever. Since Mr. Newman's charges will only be collected from the amount he recovers on your behalf, you can be sure that he is motivated to get you the most substantial recovery possible.

Alan Newman takes pride in seeing his legal services bring positive changes to the lives of his clients. He measures his success by the positive impact he makes on your life. Don’t be afraid of the costs of an attorney – with Attorney Newman, you have no reason to delay legal action against your employer.

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