90 Day Recovery in California

Six Reasons Attorney Newman Recovers Faster:

  • He only takes cases and claims he feels confident about.
    Clients never have to worry about wasting time on a weak claim; when Mr. Newman takes a case, he is confident in its success.
  • Before taking a case, he determines all the facts, both good and bad.
    You don’t deserve to go into a claim completely blind. Attorney Newman assesses all the factors that come into play.
  • He knows how companies think, and how to fight them.
    Newman has experience on both sides of the courtroom, having worked on the employer side of law, and has worked with most major employers.
  • Mr. Newman has a reputation for integrity and trustworthiness.
    Over the years, he has cultivated personal and professional reputations with judges, arbitrators, and mediators.
  • He does not waste any time on his clients’ claims.
    Employers may drag out cases, but Mr. Newman handles each case with urgency and tenacity to prevent your time from being wasted.
  • Attorney Newman is a long-standing member of the CELA.
    As one of the oldest members of the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA), Mr. Newman is veteran with insider information.

The amount of time it takes to recover damages in a case may vary, but it largely depends on whether the case goes to try or not. If you settle a claim outside of court, it can be done within three to six months, from start to finish! To help ensure your claim is settled as quickly and cleanly as possible, you need a skilled employment lawyer by your side.

In California, most employment law cases and claims follow these percentages:

  • 60% settled within the first three months
  • 35% prior to beginning a trial
  • 5% or less through trial verdict

Recently, we obtained a wrongful termination settlement of $500,000
within 90 days on behalf of our client.

*Most cases average $30,000 - $95,000 in a 90-day period*

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As a Harvard graduate, Attorney Newman makes sure clients receive the committed legal counsel they deserve—no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. He can determine the best course of legal action. When the claim is meritorious, a contingent fee agreement will be signed and a demand letter sent to the company. They will have a 10 day period to respond. As soon as they respond, Mr. Newman goes to work to settle your case.

Is your claim being undervalued? Discuss your case in a free initial consultation with our Los Angeles employment attorney!