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Don’t accept the denial of your overtime wages. Alan Burton Newman, PLC has been holding employers accountable for decades and can do the same for you. We take pride in obtaining fast recoveries and handling everything remotely for our clients so there is absolutely no legal stress on their plate. We can make matters as simple as possible, gathering all the information we need through phone calls or emails, never requiring you to step foot in our office.

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If you have worked more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week and haven’t been properly compensated, our lawyer is ready to fight on your behalf. We have the resources, legal understanding, and skill to recover—and recover fast!

California’s Overtime Laws

State and federal law enforce very strict payment requirements in regards to overtime. Under the law, employers are required to pay any non-exempt employee one and a half of the regular rate of pay any time them work more than eight hours a day or for six regular days in a row.

If an employee works more than 12 hours a day, they must be paid double the regular rate of pay whenever they exceed 8 hours. This is the same after six consecutive days of more than eight hours as well. Overtime applies to employers earning all types of wages, including hourly, salary, and commission.

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We are proud to uphold an average of 90 days when it comes to recovering compensation for our clients. That means you can be confident knowing your wage and hour dispute will be resolved as quickly as possible. Not only that, but we can handle your entire case over the phone and email, cutting out the legal burden on your part.

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