Overtime Wage Cases in Ventura

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California law is clear—any hours worked in excess of 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week are considered overtime, and must be paid accordingly. Whether you are a salary worker, commission earner, or are paid hourly, you are entitled to overtime pay for excess work time. When you have been denied overtime pay or are being asked to underreport hours, you may have an employment law claim.

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Our Ventura Lawyer Has Recovered Millions for Clients

At the firm of Alan Burton Newman, PLC, we are passionate about making sure employees know their rights. With very few exceptions, employers are legally required to pay their employees a higher rate for overtime—even if the overtime was not authorized. The only overtime exemptions are if you are authorized to hire or fire other workers or make independent business decisions.

Overtime rates for California are as follows:

  • 150% regular pay past 8 hours or 6 days in a row
  • 200% regular pay after 12 hours of work
  • 200% pay past 8 hours after 6 days in a row

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There are numerous benefits from working with the firm of Alan Burton Newman. For one, we have results that inspire confidence in our clients—we have represented workers against hundreds of companies, recovering millions of dollars. Additionally, we handle employment and overtime cases remotely, so you will never have to visit our office for us to represent you. We can handle your case entirely over the phone or email, saving you time.

Another advantage to working with our firm is our record of quick results. On average, we recover compensation for our clients within only 90 days. Our understanding of California employment law helps us retrieve wages for employees in Ventura and throughout Southern California. If you have any questions about your case or are unsure about your employee rights, we offer a free case consultation to help you determine your next step.

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