How Do I Know If I Have A Gender Discrimination Case?

If you believe you have been discriminated against at work due to your gender, proving gender discrimination is not necessarily going to be a simple task. While you do deserve to be given the same rights and privileges as other people in your position, and with your same qualifications, you do not want to wrongfully accuse your employer of gender discrimination if you are unable to build a compelling case.

Discrimination cases require individuals prove the intent of the person or people who allegedly discriminated against them. In these types of cases, clear evidence must exist to show that the individual's decision was based gender bias or prejudice. The likelihood of you being able to build a solid case against your employer will depend greatly on the legal representation you choose.

Why Work With Attorney Newman?

Alan Burton Newman, PLC is a Los Angeles-based employment law firm that provides aggressive legal representation to employees in their fight against workplace discrimination. Whether you are employed by a small company or a large corporation, hiring an employment attorney with more than four decades of legal experience, will significantly improve your chances of proving gender discrimination.

  • Attorney Newman is the first attorney to have received a million dollar settlement in a sexual harassment case and has been able to win many substantial settlements for his clients over the years.
  • He will be able to advise you of your rights, investigate your claims, assist you in gathering the evidence necessary to prove gender discrimination and work with you closely through the entire legal process.

Once your gender discrimination lawsuit has been won, you will be able to pursue damages for lost wages, emotional stress, mental anguish, litigation expenses, attorney fees and more. His firm does not require clients advance any funds as all of his services on provided on a contingency-fee basis. You do not pay unless he wins your case. Speak with a Los Angeles employment attorney at his firm today to find out whether you may have grounds to file a gender discrimination lawsuit.