"What Happens When My Female CEO Sexually Harasses Me?"

The vast majority of sexual harassment cases are filed against male bosses, but it's not because sexual harassment is a man's activity. It might just be due to the fact that most bosses happen to be male. Studies actually show that people who have recently received more power are more likely to be sexually aggressive.

So, while a lot of people tend to scoff at the idea, women do commit sexual harassment.

Last year, an employee at the all-female company Thinx filed a sexual harassment claim against CEO Mika Agrawal—an outspoken advocate for women who has referred to herself as a "She-E-O." The former head of PR Chelsea Leibow's suit alleged that Ms. Agrawal commented on her breasts and asked to touch them on multiple occasions.

Ms. Agrawal allegedly committed verbal harassment as well, asking her employees about their sexual history and expressing sexual desire for a current employee. She would also get undressed in full view of the office, and on one occasion videoconferenced while unclothed and in bed.

“I felt that Miki objectified my body when she declared that she was ‘obsessed’ with it and made very detailed comments about my breasts," said Ms. Leibow in an interview. "It also seemed like a way for Miki to assert her dominance over female employees by simply doing whatever she wanted to do without asking, and showing she could get away with it.”

Ms. Agrawal has denied the allegations while affirming that she has always been someone who pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable.

Is Your Female Supervisor Sexually Harassing You?

The law is the law—and the law does not permit people who pretend to be advocates to commit sexual harassment. Sexual harassment isn't about desire or romance or "connection"—it's about power, plain and simple. Power does not limit itself by gender. No matter how your boss self-identifies, they cannot be allowed to misuse and assert their power over you.

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