Reporting Sexual Harassment

“The company says that I have to report sexual harassment to my supervisor. What if the sexual harasser is my supervisor? What should I do?”

Report the sexual harassment to Human Resources. If there is no Human Resources department, report it to the highest level of management that you can reach. You cannot be disciplined or terminated for reporting sexual harassment, even if the company’s investigation cannot substantiate your claim.

When reporting sexual harassment, you must be very aware that Human Resources is interested in protecting the company and that they will try to prove your claim is without merit. I suggest that before you make a report, you confer with a highly knowledgeable sexual harassment attorney who can evaluate your claim and prepare you for your interview. Remember that Human Resources is not your friend and will try to trick you.

A typical question they’ll ask is “what do you want us to do about it?” You cannot possibly answer this question without prejudicing your claim. If you have an attorney, the answer is, “I can tell you all the facts of the sexual harassment, but this question needs to be answered by my attorney.”

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