Sexual Harassment of Female Security Guards

Female security guards are easy targets for sexual harassment in the workplace. This is because male security guards are generally bigger and stronger than their female counterparts and pride themselves on their ability to intimidate others. Male security guards may have more access to firearms than females. “Command centers” are generally maintained by a male and a female guard. The command centers are locked from the inside with security cameras directed to the outside. In some circumstances, there are no windows.

Additionally, male security guard supervisors have access to female guards’ home addresses and phone numbers. Security guards rely on each other to “protect their back” when a dangerous situation occurs. However, some male security guards will not come to the aid of a female security guard who reports sexual harassment.

Given the above, the question is what a female security guard can do to get justice, be compensated for her emotional distress, and keep her job. The solution is to retain an experienced and successful attorney who specializes in security guard cases. Alan Burton Newman has been specializing in these cases for over 30 years. He is a Harvard Law graduate and has obtained voluminous judgements and settlements against security guard employers. He has won millions of dollars for security guards. Mr. Newman has a reputation among judges, arbitrators, mediators, and opposing attorney as a tough advocate with whom is better to make a deal rather than fight.

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