How Do I Know If I Have A Race Discrimination Case?

Discrimination against an individual based on his or her race is one of the most common types of workplace discrimination. While racial discrimination in the workplace may be obvious to you, as you are the one being discriminated against, there is no guarantee you will be able to provide the documentation necessary to prove your claim.

Documenting exact instances of racial discrimination will be key to convincing a judge you have systematically been discriminated against or that being subjected to racial discrimination has resulted in a hostile work environment. Testimonies from other employees, email, voicemails, sworn statements and other evidence can be used to substantiate your claim and build your case.

Many employers will try to argue that an individual's demotion, denial of benefits or lack of promotion happened as a result of his or her failure to perform, rather than due to racial discrimination. It is up to you to prove racial bias or prejudice played a role in you being treated differently than others were or would have been treated in similar situations.

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