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Alan Burton Newman’s Los Angeles discrimination attorney is equipped with over 35 years of experience, and he has helped clients recover millions of dollars in compensation after they faced rights violations and discrimination. No one should feel uncomfortable or attacked in their workplace, and Attorney Newman has provided excellent advocacy for countless clients who faced discrimination.

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What Is Discrimination & How Am I Protected?

Discrimination occurs when one employee is treated differently than another employee because of a protected class, like their sex, gender, gender identity, race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, marital status, military, or veteran status. Sexual harassment is also considered a form of sex discrimination. However, treating someone differently because the employee is a friend or a relative is not discrimination.

California law offers a broader range of rights and remedies than federal law. California's rights against discrimination are covered under California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the state constitution.

Proving Workplace Discrimination

To prove discrimination, an employee must prove by substantial evidence that the reason for any adverse employment action was due to discrimination. Mr. Newman believes this creates an unfair burden on the employee and works with them to build a strong case. When discrimination happens, Alan Burton Newman will aggressively fight to earn favorable results for you.

Age discrimination in the workplace

Signs of age discrimination

When a workforce begins to age, it becomes more important to protect the rights of older workers. In 1967, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was written to ensure that employees above the age of 40 were given the same rights and considerations as younger ones—especially in matters of benefits, raises, promotions, and compensation.

Though Millennials will begin dominating the workforce in the next few years, Baby Boomers still make up 29% of the people working today. Gen Xers (those aged 36-51) dominated the workforce for a few years before Millennials took the lead, meaning in a few years, two large segments of the workforce will include people who need protection under the ADEA.

With that in mind, here are the clearest signs that you’re facing age discrimination:


When you’re being kept out of the loop, either socially or professionally, that’s a sign that you’re not considered as valuable as you once were. If you have suddenly been left out of meetings, despite no change in performance, your age might be a factor.


If you’re used to high marks and suddenly start receiving poor reviews, your boss may be building a case against you. Courts find suddenly poor reviews suspicious, so be sure to keep all documents.


If your boss is asking you about retirement, even in a casual setting, then he or she is thinking about it. Make it clear that you plan on working for a long time, and get it on record in an email.


If you’ve stopped receiving raises from your company, that might be an issue. If younger workers continue to receive raises while you do not, that’s definitely an issue.


Even in a social or casual setting, a boss who favors younger workers is likely a boss who will hold a bias against older ones. Employers need to be mindful of all their employees—not just the young, less expensive ones. This is true even if your employer is the same age as you.

If any of this is true for you, you may have an age discrimination case. Keep a record of every comment, email, or incident that fits the above signs. In addition, express your age discrimination concerns to your HR department. It is illegal to fire you in retaliation for complaints about discrimination, so if you have lost your job after ageism complaints, call my firm immediately.

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If you believe that you have a discrimination case, contact the Los Angeles attorney at Alan Burton Newman, PLC as soon as possible. He is a pioneer in Los Angeles employment law and can help you obtain evidence to ensure that your rights are protected. You deserve the best, and Alan Burton Newman is ready to provide that for you. When Alan Burton Newman, you receive the services of a lawyer that emphasizes integrity. Our firm only takes honest clients, so we can be sure that we are fighting for proper justice!

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