10 Reasons Why You Should Make a Claim for Overtime

  1. You worked hard and should be paid for the time that you worked.
  2. The employer has received the benefit of your work and should pay for it.
  3. You are entitled to go back up to 4 years to calculate overtime owed.
  4. The employer is legally obligated to pay you overtime for extra hours.
  5. In addition to overtime, the employee is entitled to penalties by the employer for failure to pay overtime. This penalty accrues at the rate of $100 for each pay period after the first pay period.
  6. The employer knows the law and deliberately violated the law because it is greedy and it believes it can get away with it.
  7. The employee can use the money more than employer.
  8. It is easy to prove the amount of the overtime if the employer is required to login and logout. If the employer is not required to login and out, then the burden is on the employer to prove that the estimate of the overtime provided by the employee is false.
  9. If you make an overtime claim, it is illegal for the employer to punish you.
  10. Alan Burton Newman has had over 30 years of experience and is generally able to get a recovery within 90 days without going to court.

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