NFI Is Driving California Truckers to the Courts

Truckers have banded together to drop their signs and sign-on with attorneys. This article, published October 23, 2017, shows that truckers have decided to take their rights back. NFI industries, a trucking conglomerate made up of California Multimodal LLC (CMI), K&R Transportation, California Cartage Express, and Container Freight EIT, as well as others, is being sued by truckers all over the state.

The most recent claim was filed by seven drivers working for California Multimodal LLC. As stated in the article, these truckers were considered “employees,” but in actuality were receiving pay that was congruent with independent contracting.

Allegations raised by the seven workers include:

  • Illegal deduction of pay
  • Unreimbursed business expenses (paying for gas and not being repaid)
  • Meal break premiums
  • Rest break premiums
  • Employers unwillingness to pay for completed jobs

Over 600 Suspected Misclassified Drivers Work for NFI Affiliated Companies

More claims have been filed against all four companies under the NFI affiliation, and agencies have decidedly named truckers as employees. This is a significant win for the California trucking community, as “employees” have significantly more rights than “independent contractors”.

These rights include:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Guaranteed minimum wage
  • Secure breaks for meals and rest
  • Reimbursement for job expenses

If more than 600 drivers under NFI have been misclassified as “independent contractors”, this means that 600 truckers wrongfully have no entitlement to the above mentioned rights. Truckers are hauling for NFI while not receiving their due payments. This kind of treatment calls for a lawyer who has years of employment case experience.

How Can I Join In on the 37 Claims That Amount to $6,000,000 in Total Liability?

If you or a loved one is currently working under NFI and you are being treated as an independent contractor, immediately get the help that you need to fight NFI and its failure to treat truckers as employees. If you work for another organization in the state of California and believe that you have been misclassified by your employer, do not hesitate to contact our firm. Our Los Angeles employment law attorney is committed to righting the wrongs that the workers of California have endured due to employee misclassification.

If you are sick of being trucked over by employers who only look out for themselves, call us for a free consultation. It is time to be paid like an employee—contact the firm now.