Employment Law

  • The Deck Is Stacked Against the Employee Under the Law of Arbitration

    The first thing to recognize is that the deal is stacked against the employee. The law states that the employer can require its ...

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  • What Is Employment Law Mediation?

    The purpose of the mediation in employment is for the employer and the employee to negotiate a settlement of the dispute between ...

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  • Arbitration & the Employee Under California Employment Law

    Here are the typical questions that employees ask and have the right to know the answers: Q: What is an arbitration agreement? A: ...

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  • Does the arbitration clause take away the rights of the employee?

    Absolutely, in this attorney ’s opinion. Under the Federal Arbitration Act passed by Congress, most disputes between an employee ...

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  • Has the California law on Sexual Harassment changed?

    Yes and no is the answer. The words of the law have not changed, but the interpretation of the law has changed significantly. The ...

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  • Do I need to report sexual harassment?

    The Answer Is “Yes” for Two Reasons Especially for those who feel threatened in the workplace as a result of sexual harassment , ...

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