Sexual Harassment of Waitresses

Waitresses are easy targets for sexual harassment in the workplace. This is because the sexual harassers are generally chefs, cooks, or other members of the “back of house” kitchen staff. Restaurant employers value the back of the house over waitresses because waitresses are easily replaceable, but it is hard to replace the kitchen staff on short notice. If a waitress makes a sexual harassment complaint against a member of the kitchen staff, the kitchen staff will not testify against the sexual harasser, even though the staff witnessed the sexual harassment. The waitress is dependent upon the kitchen staff’s “goodwill” to get her food order out in time in order for her to receive tips from her customers. Generally, the kitchen staff will not cooperate with a waitress who reports sexual harassment.

Given the above, the question is what a waitress can do to get justice, be compensated for her emotional distress, and keep her job. The solution is to retain an experienced and successful attorney who specializes in restaurant cases. Attorney Alan Burton Newman has been specializing in these cases for over 30 years. He is a Harvard Law graduate and has obtained voluminous judgments and settlements against restaurant employers. He has won millions of dollars for waitresses and employees. Mr. Newman has a reputation among judges, arbitrators, mediators, and opposing attorneys for being a tough advocate with whom it is better to make a deal rather than fight.

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