Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment of Female Security Guards

    Female security guards are easy targets for sexual harassment in the workplace. This is because male security guards are generally ...

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  • Sexual Harassment of Female Secretaries & Office Staff

    Female secretaries and office staff are easy targets for sexual harassment in the worplace. This is because their bosses are often ...

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  • Sexual Harassment of Waitresses

    Waitresses are easy targets for sexual harassment in the workplace . This is because the sexual harassers are generally chefs, ...

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  • The Question You Never Want to Answer When HR Ask You

    In order to protect your rights, you must report sexual harassment to HR or to someone of similar authority. HR will ask you the ...

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  • Changes in the Law in Favor of the Employees

    There have been three important changes to the law that favor employees. The first is that the statute of limitations has been ...

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  • What Is the Right to Sue & What Does It Mean?

    Under both Federal and State laws, before an employee can bring a complaint in court against the employer, the employee must ...

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  • What Is The Difference Between A Sexual Harassment Case & A Personal Injury Case?

    PERSONAL INJURY VS. SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASES Personal injury suits are generally based upon negligence as defined by statutes. ...

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  • 4 Common Questions on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    As an experienced litigator on behalf of workers and employees, Alan Burton Newman has represented thousands of workers who were ...

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  • Sexual Harassment Sometimes Isn’t About Sex

    The recent wave of sexual harassment allegations are teaching a long-delayed lesson to supervisors and executives: what they do ...

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  • Sexual Harassment Isn’t Always Targeted

    This month, our blog has been looking at all the ways that sexual harassment doesn't appear how we expect it to. Today, we're ...

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  • "What Happens When My Female CEO Sexually Harasses Me?"

    The vast majority of sexual harassment cases are filed against male bosses, but it's not because sexual harassment is a man's ...

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  • My Harasser Owns the Company—What Can I Do?

    I won't lie to you: you are unlikely to keep your job if you're facing sexual harassment in a company that either doesn't have an ...

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