Am I Eligible For Paid Sick Leave?

Many employees are not aware of California’s new paid sick leave law. On January 1, 2015, this law went into effect; however, the right to actually accrue and take sick leave did not become effective until July 1, 2015. Before this law was adopted, many employers had sick leave policies already in place. If those policies met the new law’s requirements, no changes were made. Generally speaking, this law orders employers to permit employees at least 24 hours, or three work days, of paid sick leave per year.

To be eligible for paid sick leave, an employee must meet these requirements:

  • The employee must have worked for the same employer on or after January 1, 2015, for a minimum of 30 days within a year in the state of California.
  • The employee must have satisfied a 90-day employment period before using sick leave.

This means that if an employee worked less than 30 days in the year for the same employer, then they are ineligible for paid sick days off. Likewise, if a new employee failed to work 90 days for the same employer in California, then they are not entitled to take paid sick leave. A qualifying employee begins accruing paid sick leave on the first day of employment, so long as they were hired on or after July 1, 2015. A qualifying employee may take paid sick leave on or after the 90th day of employment.

This newer state law only creates minimum standards by which employers are to operate. Employers may adjust their policies to allow greater amounts of paid sick leave if they desire. If you are eligible for paid sick leave under California’s paid sick leave law, but your employer refuses to grant you compensation for your sick days off, immediately contact Alan Burton Newman, PLC.

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