Los Angeles

  • Can I Get Fired for Talking about My Boss on Social Media?

    Social media can get you into a lot of trouble these days – especially where the workplace and social media intersect. You may ...

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  • Do I Get Paid More for Working on Thanksgiving?

    It’s that time of year again. As the holidays begin to come around and employees begin to get antsy, it’s important to understand ...

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  • Do My First Amendment Rights Translate to the Workplace?

    To American ears, there is nothing quite so democratic sounding as the freedom of speech. The majority of United States citizens ...

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  • Mental Illnesses in the Workplace: To Tell or Not To Tell?

    Although employees are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many still face negative reactions or consequences ...

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  • Can my Employer Enforce an English-Only Policy?

    Questions concerning English-only policies are very common in places with large immigrant populations such as Los Angeles. Let’s ...

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  • Do I Have to Use my Vacation before I Apply for FMLA?

    You do not have to use all vacation (or PTO) before filing for FMLA leave. In fact, using up all your vacation or PTO time first ...

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