When Can a Whistleblower Get a Reward?

A whistle blower can get a reward when an employee contacts a government agency and informs the agency that the employer is stealing money from the government or is providing a product or service to the government which is dangerous to the public at large. An employer may be stealing money from the government by charging it for goods or services which have not been supplied.

An example is when a medical care provider bills the government for services not provided or for medication not provided. Another example is when a manufacturer provides a part or an airplane which will break in use, thus resulting in the injury or death of the passengers and the crew. It is not enough that the employee complains to the employer. It requires that the whistleblower have unique knowledge of the situation, which is not known to the government, and is the first person to report it.

Compare this to an employee who knows that one of the officers at the company is embezzling a substantial amount of money and reports it to the company. This is not whistleblowing which will allow the employee to receive a reward from the government. The reason for that is that there is no public interest involved in protecting the public at large.

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