So You Want to Sue Your Boss

If you have experienced sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or other unjust circumstances at work, you may have grounds to sue your employer. Additionally, if you witness workplace corruption, you may want to consider filing a whistleblower claim. Whatever your situation may be, consider a few tips before taking action. Lastly, don’t hesitate to call our Los Angeles employment lawyer for advice and counsel in navigating your situation.

Steps to Take if You Want to Sue Your Employer

Are you considering legal action against your employer? Be smart. Strategically approaching your situation will achieve better results for your case than reacting aggressively to your circumstances.

  • Write it down: Instead of speaking to your employer or HR over the phone or face-to-face, consider emailing him or her with your requests of complaints. Why? They may deny ever speaking with you. Emails ensure that you have a record of the conversation.
  • Create a record: Solidify your record by keeping a journal of events. Write down the dates, times, and witnesses of each occurrence. Be detailed, but be professional. Should your journal become evidence, you want it to be reasonable, not filled with angry ranting. Keep this journal in a safe place, where it can’t be discovered by your employer or another employee.
  • Get a witness: If your boss harasses you in some form, take note of who else was present and carefully bring up the event to them to confirm if they saw what happened. Their testimony could strengthen your case.
  • Trust a professional: Don’t try to be your own lawyer. Chances are, you’ll get in over your head and be put in your place by your employer’s lawyer. Consult a professional employment law attorney from Alan Burton Newman, PLC for aggressive representation on your behalf.
  • Keep calm & carry on: Any angry outbursts on your part could weaken your case and maybe delegitimize it altogether. Write things down, make a record of events, but don’t get angry.

By gathering detailed information about your circumstances, you will be able to put together a stronger case. A skilled attorney can help you make sense of your problems, and help you determine where to go from here. To learn more about employment law in California, and your rights as an employee, don’t hesitate to call Alan Burton Newman, PLC. Our Harvard educated Los Angeles employment law attorney can help you navigate your case and pursue justice on your behalf.

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