October 2015

  • The Difference Between Discretionary Judgment & Skill

    In past blogs, we have mentioned the specific requirements for managers to be truly exempt from overtime pay. Managers—especially ...

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  • How Do I Know If I'm Exempt from Overtime?

    Federal law dictates that certain occupations are exempt from overtime law. These include those in certain professional ...

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  • How Do I Prove The Number of Overtime Hours I Worked?

    There are several ways to prove how much overtime you have worked. The easiest and the best way is to retain copies of your ...

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  • How Does Vacation Time Affect My Last Paycheck?

    According to California law, paid vacation time is a form of wages. Workers may see their vacation days as “freebie” days they ...

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  • Overtime Cases in California Are Simple

    California overtime cases are straightforward. First you have to determine whether you are entitled to overtime. You are entitled ...

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  • Am I Entitled to Unauthorized Overtime Pay?

    Employees often misunderstand their own rights when it comes to overtime pay. For instance, it is still a widely-held belief that ...

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